Bringing light to Ukrainian refugees

The Sunflower Project provides food and housing to Ukrainian refugees.


Your donation is fully tax-deductible through the 501(c)3 of our fiscal sponsor American Friends of Georgia.

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The sunflower,

The national flower of Ukraine, the SUNFLOWER, is known to turn toward the sun to soak up its power and light. As war continues to rage in Ukraine, we share in the hope to take the power and light of the Sunflower and amidst the ongoing conflict embattling Ukraine, allow that power and light of a Sunflower to create a positive impact on its Ukrainian people. Many want to help the people of Ukraine but are unsure exactly how to do so, or where their donated money would go to make a tangible impact. Ukrainians that have become refugees in the country of Georgia need various resources and services to maintain basic life necessities and have a sense of safety in this temporary home away from their homes and communities in Ukraine. The Sunflower Project was seeded to offer that assistance for Ukrainians who have fled to Georgia. We ask you to be part of that seeding process by sharing your resources for this Sunflower Project.

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The Sunflower Project mission

is to ease the burden of the Ukrainian refugees through lodging and food.

To date it is estimated that over 7,000,000 refugees have fled Ukraine.  With their lives torn apart from this brutal war, it is our mission to alleviate a small amount of their stress by providing stable housing and meals for Ukrainian families.  

Nearly 50,000 refugees have fled to the country of Georgia where we are deploying the Sunflower Project funds to identify hotels and restaurants to house and feed the Ukrainian refugees.

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Your donation is fully tax-deductible through the 501(c)3 of our fiscal sponsor American Friends of Georgia.


It began with a hotel...

The Hotel Antoneli, in downtown Tbilisi, is where the Sunflower Project began its relief efforts. This hotel in the heart of the capital city of Georgia has two restaurants on the ground floor with guest rooms above, and the Sunflower Project offered the hospitality of this hotel and restaurants to provide life’s basic needs for Ukrainians: food and shelter. The generosity of these Georgians, who have been offering support since February, is commended. The Sunflower Project has stepped in to help! This focus of the Sunflower Project has been to offer lodging and provide nutritious meals for our guests who have arrived from Ukraine. For every $2000 raised by the Sunflower Project, we have fed and housed a family of refugees for one month. Even a $5 donation has fed a refugee a meal; this person who left Ukraine with little money after Russia attacked their homeland on February 24.

Hear their stories...


She and her boyfriend, who live in Kyiv, arrived in Tbilisi the day before Ukraine was invaded. She's been in Georgia ever since, and looks forward to being able to go back to her home country and eating real Ukrainian food again.


Pavel arrived in Tbilisi just a few days before Russia invaded Ukraine and the war began. He's been in Georgia ever since. He looks forward to returning home to Ukraine, and enjoying fellowship with his family and friends. The Sunflower Project has provided shelter and nutritious meals to Pavel and others like him in Tbilisi.

February 24th marked a new phase in the lives of so many Ukrainian families and children. Many of these kids deal with anxiety and depression from being displaced from their home country - feelings that no child should feel.

Through the 22-country art therapy marathon and ongoing art therapy classes in Tbilisi, Georgia, these children now have more hope for the future! Through art therapy, they are able to cope and overcome the effects of traumatic events.

More stories coming soon...

Hear their stories...

Donate today.

Your donation is fully tax-deductible through the 501(c)3 of our fiscal sponsor American Friends of Georgia.

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Make the 1% Pledge

The 1% Pledge is a way to offer hope to the refugees in Georgia through the Sunflower Project.

How the 1% Pledge works: You agree to give 1% of your income for 1 month to the Sunflower Project so it can continue its efforts to support the women, children and men that have left the war-torn Ukraine and are temporarily in Georgia without any means to support themselves. The Sunflower Project is stepping in to provide meals, lodging and educational support for the children. 

Whether you Pledge One from your business or personally, your 1% Pledge will help. 

The 1% Pledge is simple, easy, and impactful. It allows the Sunflower Project to do more for the refugees.  Below is the pledge form for Pledge One. Please consider giving that 1% for Ukrainian refugees.

As a Pledge One participant, we ask you to download the Pledge One logo and post it to your website and social media pages.  Share with your network how you have brought hope to a few Ukrainian refugees in Tbilisi, Georgia.  We ask you to share your story on your Facebook and Instagram Pages or other Social Media and proudly tell your social media friends that you Pledged One for the Sunflower Project to shelter, feed and educate Ukrainian refugees in Georgia. 

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Your donation is fully tax-deductible through the 501(c)3 status of our fiscal sponsor, American Friends of Georgia, Inc.- a non-profit, non-political public charity.